Hi, my name is Aziz and I have been a private hire driver, with Abbey Cars UK, for the last 30 years across all parts of London.  I have met some lovely people during my time, who have shared some wonderful stories. We have spoken about, the beautiful historical sites that London has to offer, its warm and friendly people and how London has changed through time.

I have spoken to many other drivers who work incredible amounts of hours using App’s. They do not talk to anyone, have nobody to guide them and generally have no support whatsoever. As a self-employed driver I am very flexible with the hours that I choose to work. The fantastic team at Abbey Cars UK have always provided me with the support and assistance throughout my time there. I have found that working in this way more effective, keeps me happy and best of all I get to spend time with my young children.

The money that I am able to take home is phenomenal. I am very grateful to be able to earn so well seeing as many of my peers are struggling to complete 5 or 6 jobs a day! All the drivers at Abbey Cars UK are happy, have been with them for many years and provide a service that is second to none within the private hire industry.

I would like to extend my warm thanks to all the Team at Abbey Cars UK who have given me the best platform to provide an excellent service to all their clients.

Thank you.