Ever thought what it would be like to be strong, so strong that you were able to literally pick people up off the ground and carry them for miles? Well this is true for Mickey Tayker, a minicab driver from Abbey Cars UK who provides ‘Power pickups’ and Londoners are actually requesting his service daily. In the gym, he is able to bench press an astonishing 500 kilos and squat 500 kilos, therefore picking up a few passengers and carrying them a few miles is not a problem.

When asked about his feats of strength he said. ‘I was born with this strength and I love the fact that I can get to use it every day at work. The furthest I have travelled in one go is 6 miles. It took me 2 hours but my family of 4 passengers, who I had on my back, were very happy as we avoided lots of traffic through London. They also got to have a close up look of Nelson’s Column and Buckingham Palace and I didn’t even need to worry about getting a parking ticket. I also get to work out whilst I work which is very satisfying. I do get some funny looks but people are always happy to pose for photos and request that I do the same for them’

When Mickey is not carrying passengers on his back, he carries them in his Mercedes car and says that people are always asking him about his super human service. He continues ‘I am blessed to be able to carry passengers on my back, I know I am unique and that there won’t be much in the way of competition.’

Forget taking a Rickshaw or a black cab whilst in London as you are certain to be stuck in traffic. Call for Mikey at Abbey Cars UK and request a ‘Power pickup’.