Did you know that 15% of Abbey Cars UK’s driver force is made up of women? Yes, we have recognised that many of our female passengers feel more comfortable travelling with a female driver. Therefore, we took steps to increase the availability of female drivers within our fleet to meet with this demand.

Abbey Cars UK has worked very hard at changing people’s attitudes. By introducing more female drivers into its operations, more clients have experienced their first class service.

In fact, since March 2011, the insurance industry could no longer reward its more reliable female drivers as the European Court of Justice ruled that it was illegal to take gender into account when calculating premium prices. Furthermore, men account for a staggering 92% of all UK driving convictions and 98% of all convictions for dangerous driving. This says a lot for the female driver today. It clearly shows that they are still safer as drivers than their male counterparts.

Book a cab, airport transfer, private shuttle today with an Abbey Cars UK Group company and take advantage of London’s favourite female friendly service that is the safest around.